Difference Between Psychic And Medium

A lot of people have this question on their minds as to Am I Psychic or a Medium. They believe that psychics and mediums are the same thing. The truth is, these two are absolutely different from each other. A psychic can predict your future using his/her visions, feelings and senses. A psychic can also give you information regarding events that have occurred in your past or present. The skills of a psychic can be worked on and improved with time. On the other hand, a medium can communicate with the dead. A medium is able to act as a bridge between the afterlife and the material world. A medium’s work involves the channeling of energy from the spirits to the living. It is a highly complex ability that one possesses spontaneously. It’s an inborn talent, and a very rare one.

Although both psychics and mediums have to work in an alternate state of consciousness, the work of a psychic involves a number of tools while mediums solely use their gift to communicate with the deceased. Another answer to the question Am I Psychic or Am I Medium is that a medium can possess psychic abilities but it is highly unlikely for a psychic to possess mediumship skills. Communicating with the afterlife is beyond a psychic’s range of abilities.

So now let’s answer your question which was Am I Psychic. Psychics can tell you future in quite a detailed manner. They can throw light on various areas of your life such as career, love etc. But a medium does not predict the future. Mediums cannot read tarot cards, rune stones, tea leaves or your palm but psychics can.

While a medium channels energy from the life after death, the psychic reads the aura around a person to read his future. A psychic’s work does not involve communication with the spirits. It is about perceiving the past, present and future of a person through concentration. A good psychic is not hard to find, but a good medium is. It is because mediumship entails an intense level of dedication that people with psychic skills cannot always offer.

Now that you know the difference between Psychic and Medium, it is important to know which one to turn to when you are looking for readings. If you want to know about your work, relationships, and/or monetary situations – you should go to a psychic. But if you want to communicate with a close friend or relative who has departed from this world, you should go to a medium.


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Famous Psychics – Ingo Swann

Known as the father of remote viewing, Ingo Swann was born on September 14, 1933. Because of his experiences of ‘altered state of consciousness’, Ingo prefers to call himself a “consciousness researcher” and not a psychic. He is well-known for his contribution in fine-tuning the CRV technique was the cornerstone for CIA’s famous Stargate Project.

He was first noticed by the CIA when he was conducting research on remote viewing in Stanford Research Institute. It was during this research, that Swann was tested for psychokinesis. His test was to upset a magnetometer with the magnet enclosed in a vault 5 feet under the floors. Needless to say, Swann was able to manipulate the functioning of the equipment successfully.

CIA recruited Ingo for The Stargate Project which essentially involved him to detect extra-terrestrial life forces in the dark side of the moon as suspected by the CIA. He was to conduct this work with the help of CRV (Coordinated Remote Viewing) techniques.

Swann’s first out-of-body experience test was conducted in 1972 by the American Society for Psychical Research. He was to detect, describe and illustrate some objects that were several feet above him, concealed in a shelf from the ceiling. He had wires attached to his head and he was given a clipboard to draw the objects. He was successful in passing this test.

In 1973, Ingo carried out a remote viewing of planet Jupiter and its rings for a span of 20 minutes when he reported several physical features of the planet, including its weather, surface etc.  He described the rings of Jupiter as glittering crystals.
Ingo strongly supports ufology and Saucer Smear. He published his autobiography “Penetration: The Question of Extra-terrestrial and Human Telepathy” in 1998 where he stated that extra-terrestrial beings are living in this world in under the disguise of humans.  He also claims to have been injured by a UFO.

His many published works include “To Kiss Earth Good-bye: Adventures and Discoveries in the Nonmaterial”, “Recounted by the Man who has Astounded Physicists and Parapsychologists Throughout the World”, “Everybody’s Guide to Natural Esp: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind”, “Your Nostradamus Factor – Accessing Your Innate Ability to See Into the Future”, “Psychic sexuality: The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies” and “What Will Happen to You When the Soviets Take Over?”

At present, Swann has stopped appearing in public but is said to be researching on remote viewing and psychokinetic abilities.

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Famous Psychics – Uri Gellar

Israeli psychic Uri Gellar is famous for his demonstrations of psychic phenomena. His powers surfaced when he was only 5. To him, psychic abilities were an everyday affair. They came to him spontaneously. As a child, he could read the mind of his mother and later on, he could bend spoons and make clocks tick faster just like that.

Uri Geller was born on 20th December, 1946 in Tel Aviv, Israel. His range of psychic abilities became famous when he demonstrated telepathy, sprouting, dowsing, bending metal, stopping and fixing clocks, moving compasses, erasing data from computer hard drives and tapes etc.

Geller started his career as a model but in 1969, he began performing as a professional entertainer for small audiences in Israel. He became popular in Europe and the USA by the next decade. He started working full time as a stage entertainer and his popularity grew at an exponential rate. During this time, he had to face a lot of criticism from sceptics such as James Randi.

In the early 2000’s Geller appeared on TV, participating and hosting a number of international shows. Most of these shows dealt with paranormal and psychic activities. He became a close friend of Michael Jackson and even interviewed him under hypnosis. Uri is well-known for making sports predictions that didn’t come true most of the time. He has been a target of critics, psychologists and magicians claiming that the activities he performed on stage can be performed with the help of magic tricks and some common sense.

Geller owns an uninhabited island off Scotland’s east coast known as the Lamb Island. He claims that Tutankhamen’s half-sister Scota hid treasure under the ground of the island and he would find the treasure with the help of dowsing. He also claims to have reinforced the mystical powers of Lamb Island by burying a crystal orb there that used to belong to Albert Einstein.

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Psychic Abilities – Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance – meaning clear vision in French, is the ability to perceive things without the use of the normal human senses. One who possesses this ability is known as a clairvoyant and uses this power to obtain information about various things such as a person, a place, an object, or an event.

Clairvoyants are said to be capable of seeing the past, present and future.
Some say that Clairvoyance is present in every human being; it just needs to be discovered and practiced. While some psychics need to work on it to achieve perfection, this ability comes naturally to other psychics and for them, it is quite frightening when it strikes first.

Clairvoyance has been mentioned in religious texts, practices and figures since time immemorial. But there have been a lot of incidents mentioned the by the public where one has experienced some or the other form of clairvoyance; the commonest example is where a person interacts with a deceased loved one without knowing that she/he has died recently.  The ability to diagnose diseases and prescribe medications while in a trance has also been quite regular among clairvoyants such as the famous 20th century ‘Sleeping Prophet’ Edgar Cayce.

In a usual psychic session, the information that the clairvoyant obtains is passed on to the seeker to the best of their abilities. The visions they perceive, could be still or moving. They can disappear within a few seconds or can last a couple of minutes.  According to Bruce Main-Smith, there are 4 primary channels such as clairsensing, healing, physical and trance. He concludes that Clairvoyance and clairaudience are two types of clairsensing and that the presence of one does not ensure that of the other. A number of mediums who are clairvoyants lack the ability of clairaudience because having more than one primary channel open and active is highly unlikely.

Remote viewing is often associated with Clairvoyance while these two terms are related but not interchangeable. Remote viewing is another aspect of clairvoyance but not the ability itself. Other abilities including psychometry are also associated with clairvoyance. But the truth remains that all of these are different forms of psychic phenomena that are so extensive that they can’t be labelled Clairvoyance.

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Psychic Glossary

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Psychic Experience

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Psychic Discussions

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Famous Psychics – Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born on 12 August 1831 in Ukraine. She is most widely known for her contribution in establishing the Theosophical Society. Her mother died when she was only 11. She grew up in an environment full of spirituality and esotericism. She was married at the age of 17 with a 40 year old vice-governor. The marriage didn’t work out and she fled to her grandfather after 3 months.

She travelled the whole world during the decade of 1848-1858. It was during this period that she was inspired by theosophy. Soon afterwards, she started travelling with an Italian opera singer named Agardi Metrovich, who later claimed to be her husband. There was a child called Yuri whom Blavatsky loved a lot and upon the death of whom she declared that she no longer believed in the Russian Orthodox God.

In the early 1870’s, Helena began to profess and publicize herself as a medium. She moved to New York in 1873 and impressed a lot of people with her proclaimed psychic abilities. Throughout the span of her career, she claims to have performed a lot of psychic activities such as levitation, astral projection, clairaudience etc. The next year when she was working on her book Isis Unveiled, she married for the second time. But soon she divorced again and went to India.

After her brief stay in India, she went to Colombo (now, Sri Lanka) with Henry Steel Olcott. Both of them became Buddhists there and started to revive the religion in the country.  In 1880, she is said to have materialized a lost brooch from one of her guests at a dinner party. Around this time, the Theosophical Society became international and she again moved to India to its headquarters.

She went to Belgium in 1886, where she claimed to have a revelation ordering her to finish her book Secret Doctrine under any circumstances. She finally went to England where, with the help of a disciple, she lived till her death. In the year 1890, she created ‘The Inner Circle’ with 12 disciples. She died on the 8th of May, 1891 from influenza and Bright’s disease.

Controversy has surrounded her throughout her life. She taught about each and every metaphysical principle. Her strong disbelief in the ‘holiness’ of the Church has been supported by many Christian Gnostics, both in the yesteryears as well as modern times. Her actions, teachings and proclaimations have been countered by many, but little evidence has ever been produced to back it all up.

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Famous Psychics of All Time: Edgar Cayce

When it comes to psychic abilities, very few people rise above the level of mediocrity. Those who do, leave their mark on the very vast and inexplicable world of mysticism. This article will describe one of the Famous Psychics of all time who started as a layperson and became prominent in the world of spirituality.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was born on 18th March, 1877 in Beverly, near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA.  He possessed psychic powers since a very early age. Born in a farming family, Cayce was a devoted Christian throughout his life. He received education till the ninth grade and worked in various places when he was a teenager such as a bookstore, a dry goods store etc.  In the year 1900, Edgar suffered from severe laryngitis as a result of which he totally lost the ability to speak.

In 1901, he was contacted by a professional hypnotist to cure his ailment. The process was successful on stage where Cayce’s voice came back in trance, but when he woke up, he again had no voice. Soon after this, another hypnotist, AL Layne offered to cure his ailment through a session. During the entire session, Cayce was in trance and communicating with Layne, describing his ailment and telling him how to cure it. Cayce himself declared the treatment was successful and it really was. He never lost his voice again.

It was Layne who suggested Cayce to offer his treatment to the people. At first he was reluctant but finally started giving free readings. Word started to spread about his readings and soon newspaper articles began to appear. Edgar could read perfectly from an individual’s letter. He said he just needed the name and location of the person to offer a cure for his/her ailment. His accurate readings made him so popular that people from all over the world started to contact him for help.

As he was being famous, a lot of fortune seekers and business-minded people started to persuade him – some for luck, some for treasure, some for professional success, and some for experiment. It went on to a point where Cayce announced he would only do readings for the poor and troubled. He always performed his reading in trance with the help of a hypnotist and had a stenographer to type whatever he uttered in the trance.
1920’s to 40’s was the period when Cayce founded various institutions, including the Cayce Hospital. He had his own small staff and a set of volunteers. His fame continued to grow as one of the world’s Famous Psychics. To cater to the number of requests he received, he increased his readings to 8 per day. It soon started taking a toll on his health and led to his death on January 3rd, 1945.

Edgar Cayce has been referred to as a psychic, a clairvoyant, a prophet, a mystic etc. He is most commonly known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’ because of the way he performed his readings. He has given more than 20,000 readings on various topics such as health, dreams, past life etc. about 8000 of which, are lost.

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