Famous Psychics – Ingo Swann

Known as the father of remote viewing, Ingo Swann was born on September 14, 1933. Because of his experiences of ‘altered state of consciousness’, Ingo prefers to call himself a “consciousness researcher” and not a psychic. He is well-known for his contribution in fine-tuning the CRV technique was the cornerstone for CIA’s famous Stargate Project.

He was first noticed by the CIA when he was conducting research on remote viewing in Stanford Research Institute. It was during this research, that Swann was tested for psychokinesis. His test was to upset a magnetometer with the magnet enclosed in a vault 5 feet under the floors. Needless to say, Swann was able to manipulate the functioning of the equipment successfully.

CIA recruited Ingo for The Stargate Project which essentially involved him to detect extra-terrestrial life forces in the dark side of the moon as suspected by the CIA. He was to conduct this work with the help of CRV (Coordinated Remote Viewing) techniques.

Swann’s first out-of-body experience test was conducted in 1972 by the American Society for Psychical Research. He was to detect, describe and illustrate some objects that were several feet above him, concealed in a shelf from the ceiling. He had wires attached to his head and he was given a clipboard to draw the objects. He was successful in passing this test.

In 1973, Ingo carried out a remote viewing of planet Jupiter and its rings for a span of 20 minutes when he reported several physical features of the planet, including its weather, surface etc.  He described the rings of Jupiter as glittering crystals.
Ingo strongly supports ufology and Saucer Smear. He published his autobiography “Penetration: The Question of Extra-terrestrial and Human Telepathy” in 1998 where he stated that extra-terrestrial beings are living in this world in under the disguise of humans.  He also claims to have been injured by a UFO.

His many published works include “To Kiss Earth Good-bye: Adventures and Discoveries in the Nonmaterial”, “Recounted by the Man who has Astounded Physicists and Parapsychologists Throughout the World”, “Everybody’s Guide to Natural Esp: Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind”, “Your Nostradamus Factor – Accessing Your Innate Ability to See Into the Future”, “Psychic sexuality: The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies” and “What Will Happen to You When the Soviets Take Over?”

At present, Swann has stopped appearing in public but is said to be researching on remote viewing and psychokinetic abilities.

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