Am I A Psychic? How Do I Find Out?

Am I A Psychic?

Being a psychic isn’t something you should be afraid of. It’s not a disease. It’s not a curse. It’s a gift. You are blessed with some special abilities that may have no explanations. For instance, you are worried about a loved one and sometime later you come to learn that the person has been in trouble. You have a feeling that a friend is going to call – and she/he really does. These are not plain coincidences. There’s something more to it. You are perhaps born with an extraordinarily powerful perception. Maybe you can comfortably gain entry into shared consciousness. Maybe you can connect with every single human being in the world.

How Do I Find Out?

Almost everyone is born with some or the other type and degree of psychic abilities. But in most cases, the abilities corrode with time, due to disuse. People with psychic abilities are commonly described as people with some extra sense. If you can consciously sense something that others cannot, such as future events, you are probably a psychic. “Am I A Psychic?” Don’t ask yourself this question repetitively but try to use your feelings to find out the answer. You are sure to find it out very soon because it will come naturally to you. Your intuition will tell you, it will guide you and it will teach you how to tap into that state of mind where you can clearly feel, see and hear the messages about an imminent occurrence.

There are cases where a psychic just doesn’t realize that he/she is a psychic. It could happen to you too. You may have some very strong psychic powers but you have failed to notice them or have always overlooked them. The reason why you ask yourself Am I A Psychic? – is that you feel you have some extra senses but you just can’t believe it. You think it can’t happen to you. You think it’s an extremely special gift that is bestowed upon only a few. But the truth is, you have inherent psychic abilities that work just like your other senses.

Encourage yourself. Have an open mind and accept the fact you are a psychic. Recognize the presence of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) within you. Hone your psychic skills like an apprentice practices his craft. Have patience. Have faith in yourself and don’t just wonder Am I A Psychic but acknowledge that you really are.

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