Difference Between Psychic And Medium

A lot of people have this question on their minds as to Am I Psychic or a Medium. They believe that psychics and mediums are the same thing. The truth is, these two are absolutely different from each other. A psychic can predict your future using his/her visions, feelings and senses. A psychic can also give you information regarding events that have occurred in your past or present. The skills of a psychic can be worked on and improved with time. On the other hand, a medium can communicate with the dead. A medium is able to act as a bridge between the afterlife and the material world. A medium’s work involves the channeling of energy from the spirits to the living. It is a highly complex ability that one possesses spontaneously. It’s an inborn talent, and a very rare one.

Although both psychics and mediums have to work in an alternate state of consciousness, the work of a psychic involves a number of tools while mediums solely use their gift to communicate with the deceased. Another answer to the question Am I Psychic or Am I Medium is that a medium can possess psychic abilities but it is highly unlikely for a psychic to possess mediumship skills. Communicating with the afterlife is beyond a psychic’s range of abilities.

So now let’s answer your question which was Am I Psychic. Psychics can tell you future in quite a detailed manner. They can throw light on various areas of your life such as career, love etc. But a medium does not predict the future. Mediums cannot read tarot cards, rune stones, tea leaves or your palm but psychics can.

While a medium channels energy from the life after death, the psychic reads the aura around a person to read his future. A psychic’s work does not involve communication with the spirits. It is about perceiving the past, present and future of a person through concentration. A good psychic is not hard to find, but a good medium is. It is because mediumship entails an intense level of dedication that people with psychic skills cannot always offer.

Now that you know the difference between Psychic and Medium, it is important to know which one to turn to when you are looking for readings. If you want to know about your work, relationships, and/or monetary situations – you should go to a psychic. But if you want to communicate with a close friend or relative who has departed from this world, you should go to a medium.


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