List of Psychic Abilities

The world of psychic abilities has a great number of varieties. Basically, a psychic is a person who can read your aura to predict your future.  But within this simple definition, there exist hundreds of skills. Here is a List of Psychic Abilities that contain some very common and some not-so-common skills of a psychic.

List of Psychic Abilities: 

Aeromancy: The ability to interpret the shape of clouds.
Empathy: The ability to sense the emotional state of someone else.
Clairaudience: The ability to hear things from miles away.
Astral Projection: The ability to leave the body and transport to somewhere else in the astral planes.
Precognition: Having knowledge about the future.
Telekinesis: The ability to cause an object to move. This is also known as psychokinesis.
Automatic Writing: Writing in a trance-like state of mind with the guidance of a spirit.
Clairvoyance: The ability to see things that are far away.
Faith Healing: The ability to detect and cure the ailments of different people.
Psychometry: The ability to acquire information about something or someone.
Retrocognition: The ability to acquire information from the past.
Aura View: The ability to see the aura around a person.
Levitation: The ability to hover over and to make things and people to hover over the ground. Also known as transvection.
Intuition: Psychic awareness.
Graphology: The ability to analyse the handwriting of a person in order to read his/her nature.
Clairsentience: The ability to detect sensations and relay messages derived from them.
Telepathy: The ability to mentally communicate with someone.
Chiromancy: The ability to read palms.
Premonition: Perceiving future events before they occur.
Past Life Viewing: The ability to see visions from the past incarnations.
Remote Influencing: The ability to influence someone who is at a distant place.
Mediumship: The ability to communicate with the dead.
Death warning: The ability to foresee a person’s death beforehand.
Energy Healing: The ability to cleanse, repair and balance the energy system within a person’s body.
Dowsing: The ability to sense psychic energies using tools such as rods.
Lucid dreaming: The ability to control one’s own dreams.
Pyrokinesis: The ability to start fire with the mind.
Channeling: The ability to act as a channel for an outside energy.
Animal Communication: the ability to communicate with animals.
Mirror Gazing: the ability to perceive things by gazing in to a mirror.

Everyone in the world possesses psychic abilities. Some may never realize it. And some can’t ignore it. All among the List of Psychic Abilities can be seen in some psychics while only a few can be found in others. It depends on how well-versed the psychic is with his abilities through meditation etc. Believe it or not, you can also be a psychic if you listen to your inner voice.

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